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[audio][NQA070] Doki Doki - Guitar Noise (Broken Guitar) - Doki Doki
The most amazing guitar-noise albums I've ever heard. Dead fucking serious, pure genius in this piece. You've just got to listen to it.
Keywords: guitar noise; harshnoise; noise; noise rock; noisecore
Downloads: 1,054
[audio][NQA085] Doki Doki - Harsh Electronics - Doki Doki
Extremely wet sounding static noise. Some of Doki Doki's older works just recently released here at NQA. 3 tracks of sonic wet noisey terror.
Keywords: noise; wet noise; digital noise; experimental electronics
Downloads: 387
[audio][NQA062] Mystified - Echoes And Traces - Mystified
Mystified's debut release at NQA. Great material from a great musician. Amazing soundscaping and ambient noise walls.
Keywords: experimental; darkambient; ambient/noise; noise
Downloads: 696
[audio][NQA063] Doki Doki & Ruby - Rubens Split - Doki Doki & Ruby
Tasteful noisey drone/subtle ambient noise split from Doki Doki and Ruby.
Keywords: drone; noise; harshnoise; ambient/noise
Downloads: 1,533
[audio][NQA038] Doki Doki - Nekromantik - Doki Doki
1 hour of live improvised noisey performance.
Keywords: improv noise; harsh noise; post-music; live noise
Downloads: 532
[audio][NQA007] The RedSkeye & Zyklon Projekt - Self Titled EP - The RedSkeye & Zyklon Projekt
Tracks one and two were recorded in Summer 2005. Track 3 was recorded in Autumn 2005. Track three is a remix of DialLektrik's title track: "Digital Cabaret Hard Drive". 2006 Non Quality Audio Album art by DJ RedSkeye (www.myspace.com/djredskeye)
Keywords: noise; industrial; harshnoise; digital noise; analog noise; experimenal; political; terror
Downloads: 468
[audio][NQA079] Astma - Demo '06 - Astma
Debut experimental noise album from our Polish friend Astma.
Keywords: lo-bit; noise; experimental; ambient/noise
Downloads: 254
[audio][TFN073] Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz - No Title Split - Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz
Artist: Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz Album: No Title Split Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN073 Style: Harshnoise Tracks: 01. Noise Nazi - Social Automation Technology 02. Fbrz - Nothing http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Fbrz http://last.fm/music/Noise+Nazi http://www.myspace.com/fbrz031 http://www.myspace.com/noysenazee
Keywords: Harshnoise; Noise; Electronic Manipulation
Downloads: 2,177
[audio][TFN002] والِدَة (.mum) - Tearing Walls Down - والِدَة (.mum)
Artist: ÙاÙÙدÙØ© (.mum) Album: Tearing Walls Down Year: 2007 CAT#: TFN002 Style: Harsh Noise, Imrpov Noise, Analog Noise, Power Electronics, Trashcore, Terrorist Noise Tracks: 1. .anotherfuile 2. French Men Get Clobbered By Deer 3. .arabaaaaa 4. اÙجÙادnoise 5. Sublime Makes For Killa Jihad Music http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://myspace.com/redsknoise http://www.last.fm/music/%D9%88%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%90%D8%AF%D9%8E%D8%A9
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Imrpov Noise; Analog Noise; Power Electronics; Trashcore; Terrorist Noise
Downloads: 237
[audio][NQA015] yb - Dead Right Now - yb
Dead Right Now was made with drumming pens and whistling and ticking with a spoon. Then it was sampled in Fruity Loops and slowed down. It was done in one roll it was an "in the moment" thing. The title says the rest. Album art by Youri (www.myspace.com/ybproject)
Keywords: accoustic noise; experimental; improvised
Downloads: 1,370
[audio][NQA075] Doki Doki - Pleasure Of Pain Box Set - Doki Doki
The Pleasure Of Pain box set from Doki Doki. Contains all three Pleasure Of Pain albums and a bonus music video.
Keywords: noise; experimental; freestyle; harshnoise
Downloads: 1,396
[audio][NQA049] Vlue - Hacking The Mind EP - Vlue
Sorces of samples include: Morriwind, Night of the Living Dead, and War Games. T3 contains Mega Man notes. Almost the whole EP was made in one day. Credits: Voice - Joeloman (tracks: 2) , Keeps (tracks: 3)
Keywords: glitch; abstract; noise; experimental
Downloads: 2,483
[audio][NQA031] Doki Doki & RedSK - Sonic split - Doki Doki & RedSK
Another random and pointless split that turned out pretty decent! RedSK found Doki Doki on Soulseek, and they put together a split! Two tracks of Sonic Noisy Hell! Yay!
Keywords: static noise; power electronics; desktopcore; necro-electronics; deathindustrial; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 396
[audio][TFR030] RedSK - Increasing Grief - RedSK
Keywords: Noise; Harsh Noise; Glitch; Power Electronics; RedSK; DIY; TRASHFUCK Records
Downloads: 61
[audio][TFN273] GAAD - Fap Masina - GAAD
Artist: GAAD Album: fap masina Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN273 Style: Noise, Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial Tracks: 01. He Was Dead 02. Hi-Jack 03. Ovih Dana 04. Rotten Cunt 05. Mechanical One 06. Necu I Tacka http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/GAAD http://myspace.com/gfaakdk
Keywords: Noise; Harsh Noise; Power Electronics; Industrial; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; GAAD
Downloads: 1,174
[audio][NQA006] DJ RedSkeye - Ambience in a Machine - DJ RedSkeye
Made from samples, softsynths, and pieces of older songs. A poor attempt at something like industrial ambient, or ambient noise. This should never have even been saved. Album art by DJ RedSkeye (www.myspace.com/djredskeye) copyright 2005 DJ RedSkeye / 2006 Non Quality Audio
Keywords: ambient/noise; ambient; drone; experimental; noise; darkambient; industrial; trash; samples
Downloads: 753
[audio][NQA032] What It's Like To Be Hostile - Lost in the Feeling - What it's like to be Hostile
Debut album from What it's Like to be Hostile. Noisy intelligent soundscaping beauty.
Keywords: noise; darkambient; post-music; industrial
Downloads: 277
[audio][NQA089] retro - Early Cuts - retro
New material from our good buddy, retro, using his new gear and shit. Check out his new EP. Interesting experimental noise.
Keywords: noise; experimental; analog; harsh; abstract
Downloads: 362
[audio][NQA067] Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK - Part 1 Of The Super Split - Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK
Abstract noise soundscaping from Perpetual Amnesia and RedSK. Part 1 of double-album split.
Keywords: harshnoise; noise; abstract; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 357
[audio][TFN012] Alteralias - Self-Titled - Alteralias
Artist: Alteralias Album: Alteralias Year: 2007 CAT#: TFN012 Style: Noise, Trash Noise, Digital Noise, Experimental Electronics, Speedcore Tracks: 1. Tastes Like Fuckin' Vinegar 2. Unicode? 3. Noise-Joy Compilation IV and Destructo Match II 4. I Hate Stupid MySpace Names [TTP] 115k+ http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Alteralias http://last.fm/music/Insomniscene http://myspace.com/insomniscene
Keywords: Noise; Trash Noise; Digital Noise; Experimental Electronics; Speedcore; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Alteralias; Insomniscene
Downloads: 219
[audio][TFN243] Necroanal - The Motherfucker of all Motherfucking Motherfucks - Necroanal
Artist: Necroanal Album: The Motherfucker of all Motherfucking Motherfucks Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN243 Style: Noise, Experimental Electronics, Rhythmic Noise, Glitch, Powernoise, Harsh Noise, Industrial Tracks: 1 Shit Muzzle 2 Slipping the Mortician a Bill to 'Look the Other Way' 3 Decaying Phallus Rancor 4 Urine and Feces Soup 5 Even the Circumcised get Foreskin Lint (though probably not quite as much) 6 Stereotypical Intestinal Fuck Buddy 7 FelchFucking Post-Cruxifiction Pre-Corpus Delicti Jesus C...
Keywords: Noise; Experimental Electronics; Rhythmic Noise; Glitch; Powernoise; Harsh Noise; Industrial; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Necroanal
Downloads: 1,921
[audio][TFN162] JNmerd - The 1942 California Eliminator Bike - JNmerd
Artist: JNmerd Album: The 1942 California Eliminator Bike Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN162 Style: Vocal Noise, Industrial, Trash Noise, Excite Bike Muzak, Industrial Sludge, Noise NOTES: Vocal Noise Experiment Story about a vehicule race to win the Eliminator Bike series Tracks: 1. Charace 2. 4X4 3. BikeXciter 4. Cruzbato 5. Avion Axel http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/JNmerd
Keywords: Vocal Noise; Industrial; Trash Noise; Excite Bike Muzak; Industrial Sludge; Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; JNmerd
Downloads: 1,112
[audio][TFN155] Microbit Project - 75onlyTRASHnoiZE33 - Microbit Project
Artist: Microbit Project Album: 75onlyTRASHnoiZE33 Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN155 Style: Trash Noise, Harshnoise, Shitcore, Lo-Bit Noise, Noise Tracks: 1. 48OnlyNoiZe40 (OGG-Vorbis Stereo) 2. 26onlyTRASHnoiZE53 (8 kbps Mono MP3) http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Microbit+Project http://myspace.com/microbitproject
Keywords: Trash Noise; Harshnoise; Shitcore; Lo-Bit Noise; Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Microbit Project
Downloads: 1,005
[audio][TFN182] Earth Incubator - Sexual Noise - Earth Incubator
Artist: Earth Incubator Album: Sexual Noise CAT#: TFN182 Style: Noisecore, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise Tracks: 01. Sexual Noise 02. Sexual Noise II 03. Lines of Energy Notes: project was started by Alexandr Kibanov in 2008. also known as BBDWAH, Headless Kamikaze, Illnathix etc. http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Earth+Incubator http://mindnd.narod.ru illnath_ozr@mail.ru
Keywords: Noisecore; Power Electronics; Sexual Noise; Harsh Noise; netlabels; noise; TRASHFUCK NET; Earth Incubator
Downloads: 973
[audio][TFN283] A Mannequins Smile - TV Killed Me EP - A Mannequins Smile
Artist: A Mannequins Smile Album: TV Killed Me EP Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN283 Style: Experimental Electronics, Trash Pop, Noise, Fusion, Trash Noise, Rhythmic Noise Tracks: 01. Dying Nuns At A Birthday Party! 02. The Rehearsal 03. Kill The Fucking Mute! http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/A+Mannequins+Smile http://myspace.com/amannequinssmile
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Trash Pop; Noise; Fusion; Trash Noise; Rhythmic Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; A Mannequins Smile
Downloads: 1,441
[audio][TFN257] JVHV - Live In Other Peoples Clothes - JVHV
Artist: JVHV Album: Live In Other Peoples Clothes Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN257 Style: Noise, Lo-Fi, Noise Rock, Psychedelic, Drone, Bass Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Wall Noise, Powerdrones, Live Noise Tracks: 01. shrunken leather jacket syndrome. 02. thundercats rhinestone. 03. red heat windbreaker. NOTES: "red heat windbreaker." is a live remix of RedSK's "Same Song" http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last...
Keywords: Noise; Lo-Fi; Noise Rock; Psychedelic; Drone; Bass Noise; Power Electronics; Harsh Wall Noise; Powerdrones; Live Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; JVHV; javihyev
Downloads: 1,047
[audio][TFN272] Deathmonk - Psychedelic Pilgrim - Deathmonk
Artist: Deathmonk Album: Psychedelic Pilgrim Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN272 Style: Noise, Digital Noise, Trash Noise, Ambient, Black Ambient, Power Electronics, Experimental Electronics, Collage, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise, Industrial Noise, Psychedelic Tracks: 01. Astorus Kartrophorus 02. Blacklock 03. Krustosos Mythos 04. Ships 05. Love On A Blind Night 06. Zonus Incus Cronus 07. Zyzyalputabulae: The Psychedelic 08...
Keywords: Noise; Digital Noise; Trash Noise; Ambient; Black Ambient; Power Electronics; Experimental Electronics; Collage; Power Electronics; Rhythmic Noise; Industrial Noise; Psychedelic; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Deathmonk; John Wight
Downloads: 1,236
[audio][TFR027] SK028 - Self-Titled Full Length - SK028
[TFR027] SK028 - Self-Titled Full Length cd-r limited to 25 copies. out of print.
Keywords: noise; punk; noise-punk; harsh noise; industrial; experimental; glitch; noisecore; hardcore; RedSK; Insideout028; SK028; DIY; TRASHFUCK Records
Downloads: 80
[audio][TFN270] JVHV - Lower Levels Of Heaven's Complex - JVHV
Artist: JVHV Album: lower levels of heaven's complex Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN270 Style: Noise, Lo-Fi, Drone, Bass Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Wall Noise, Powerdrones, Tracks: 01. Who Are Screaming Into Black As The Light Burns Through 02. Seventh Clove 03. The Lower Beings Of The Heavy Vibration 04. Sunlit Hallway http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/JVHV http://last.fm/music/javihyev...
Keywords: Noise; Lo-Fi; Drone; Bass Noise; Power Electronics; Harsh Wall Noise; Powerdrones; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; citric acid reflux; javihyev; JVHV
Downloads: 1,159
[audio][TFN234] Team Spector - Wall Of Murder - Team Spector
Artist: Team Spector Album: Wall Of Murder Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN234 Style: Wall Noise, Harsh Noise, Power Electronics Tracks: 01. Wall Of Murder http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Team+Spector http://last.fm/music/Fuck,+The+Retarded+Girl http://myspace.com/fucktheretardedgirl
Keywords: Wall Noise; Harsh Noise; Power Electronics; Noise; Industrial; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Team Spector; Fuck The Retarded Girl
Downloads: 678
[audio][yshad23] noise nazi & assholemouthead split 2 - Noise Nazi & Assholemouthead
a1 Noise Nazi - Necrophilia Home Video a2 Noise Nazi - Socio Cultural And Ethnic Cleansing b1 Assholemouthead - Womb (Dirtmix) b2 Assholemouthead - Rigourmortis http://myspace.com/dyingliver http://yoursisterhasadick.tk 2009 Your Sister Has A Dick Records
Keywords: noise; harsh noise; power electronics; ultraviolent electronics; dark; extreme; american; netlabels; Your Sister Has A Dick Records; Noise Nazi; Assholemouthead
Downloads: 1,027
[audio][TFN256] citric acid reflux - The Final Harvest Of Our Neon Trees - citric acid reflux
Artist: citric acid reflux Album: the final harvest of our neon trees Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN256 Style: Noise, Lo-Fi, Noise Rock, Psychedelic, Drone, Bass Noise, Indie Tracks: 01. in the tainted orchards of the old country 02. shining juices of rotten crop 03. live at strawberry slaughterhouse http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Citric+Acid+Reflux http://myspace.com/javihyev
Keywords: Noise; Lo-Fi; Noise Rock; Psychedelic; Drone; Bass Noise; Indie; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; citric acid reflux; javihyev; JVHV
Downloads: 1,227
[audio][TFN188] JNmerd - Pâtéchi Noise - JNmerd
Artist: JNmerd Album: Pâtéchi Noise Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN188 Style: Vocal Noise, Industrial, Trash Noise, Lo-Fi, Pâtéchi Noise, Experimental Shit NOTES: A french canadian recipe for you all to devour with your ears Tracks: 1. Recette 1 http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/JNmerd http://www.jnmerd.blogspot.com/ Pâté Chinois Ingredients 3 pommes de terre moyennes 30 ml à 45 ml (2 c...
Keywords: Vocal Noise; Industrial; Trash Noise; Lo-Fi; Pâtéchi Noise; Experimental Shit; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; JNmerd
Downloads: 796
[audio][TFN275] 320320320320 - Lives - 320320320320
Artist: 320320320320 Album: Lives Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN275 Style: Noise, Noisecore, Experimental Tracks: 01. Lives 02. Corn Syrup Cannibals 03. A.F.I. Tribute [noise picker remix] http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/320320320320
Keywords: Noise; Noisecore; Experimental; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; 320320320320
Downloads: 1,276
[audio][TFN026] Violence Cotton Drone vs. Insect Regime - Drone Scapes + Harsh Ambient Tek - Violence Cotton Drone vs. Insect Regime
Artist: Violence Cotton Drone vs. Insect Regime Album: Drone Scapes / Harsh Ambient Tek Year: 2007 CAT#: TFN026 Style: Wall Noise, Experimental Electronics, Trash Noise, Harsh Ambient, Lo-Tek, Industrial Noise Tracks: 01 Violence Cotton Drone vs. Insect Regime - Drone 02 Violence Cotton Drone - Harsh Ambient Tek 03 Insect Regime - Scapes http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Violence+Cotton+Drone http://last.fm/music/Insect+...
Keywords: Wall Noise; Experimental Electronics; Trash Noise; Harsh Ambient; Lo-Tek; Industrial Noise; Ambient; Noise; Industrial; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Violence Cotton Drone; Insect Regime; RedSK
Downloads: 171
[audio][TFR019] Blackgirlfriend - August 29 2009 Live Jams - Blackgirlfriend
[TFR019] Blackgirlfriend - August 29 2009 Live Jams, limited edition cd-r out of print
Keywords: noise rock; noisecore; harsh noise; DIY; Insideout028; teh soup rebellion; RedSK; Blackgirlfriend; TRASHFUCK Records
Downloads: 52
[audio][TFN306] Wolfesque Terrance - THIS IS SHIT - Wolfesque Terrance
Artist: Wolfesque Terrance Album: THIS IS SHIT Year: 2010 CAT#: TFN306 Style: Harsh Noise, Shitcore, Experimental Electronics, Noisecore, Trash Noise, Ultraviolent Electronics Tracks: 01. hompaneriplangle banstompofied 02. human is beast 03. Fuck Off 04. Tonguelet 05. Skunkfastistiouslingflyawaygoo http://tfnnetlabel.tk tfnnetlabel@ymail.com http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://heofthehouse.com/trashfucknet.html http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/mu...
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Shitcore; Experimental Electronics; Noisecore; Trash Noise; Ultraviolent Electronics; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Wolfesque Terrance
Downloads: 990
[audio][TFN211] Club Sauce - FSP/FJC - Club Sauce
Artist: Club Sauce Album: FSP/FJC Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN212 Style: Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Dynamic Tracks: 01. FSP/FJC http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Club+Sauce http://myspace.com/duplicitousimages
Keywords: Noise; Power Electronics; Harsh Noise; Dynamic; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Club Sauce
Downloads: 25
[audio][TFN169] Microbit Project - Crisps 2009 - Microbit Project
Artist: Microbit Project Album: Crisps Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN169 Style: Chipnoise, Noise, Trash Noise, Lo-bit, Electronic Tracks: 01 Salty Crisps 02 Sweet Crisps 03 Gamers Bitter Crisps Notes: Recorded: Jan. 2009 Moscow Produced by Evgenij V. Kharitonov http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://myspace.com/microbitproject http://last.fm/music/Microbit+Project http://myspace.com/evgenijvkharitonov
Keywords: Chipnoise; Noise; Trash Noise; Lo-bit; Electronic; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Microbit Project
Downloads: 909
[audio][TFN250] 028 - Harsh EP - 028
Artist: 028 Album: 028 Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN250 Style: Harsh Noise, Noisecore, Wall Noise, Ultraviolent Electronics Tracks: 01. Concealed Wepon Found In Rectal Tube of The Victim 02. Fu Fu Berry (Fuck You Berry) 03. Her Screams Were Muffled By My Cock 04. It'll Put You To Sleep 05. Push For Sex 06. Racial Violence 07. Studded Belt Strangle Hold 08. Wayne Public Library Fire Fight 09. Internet Options 10...
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Noisecore; Wall Noise; Ultraviolent Electronics; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; 028; Insideout028
Downloads: 604
[audio][TFN286] noiseoftherose - From The Ice Age To The Noise Age EP - noiseoftherose
Artist: noiseoftherose Album: from the ice age to the noise age EP Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN286 Style: Noise, Glitch, Minimalism, Experimental Electronics, Trash Noise, Desktopcore Tracks: 01. accdb 02. kxfih 03. interlood #2 04. Ssth1 05. intrlouI)I) #3 06. pup_save 07. rocketjumper (interlude) 08. sth2 09. so i herd u liek noetpad 10. data recovery soft is shitty, go to ontrack 11. dxm 12. lol internet http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.f...
Keywords: Noise; Glitch; Minimalism; Experimental Electronics; Trash Noise; Desktopcore; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; noiseoftherose
Downloads: 1,545
[audio][TFN015] Plaid Colored - iiM Raaaelliey Drnnnunk!!32! - Plaid Colored
Artist: Plaid Colored Album: iiM Raaaelliey Drnnnunk!!32! Year: 2007 CAT#: TFN015 Style: Harsh Noise, Lo-Fi, Noisecore, Anti Music, Trash Noise, Shitcore Tracks: 01. The Prom Queen Has A Penis 02. BMTH And My Other Favorite Bands! 03. The Football Team Punch Each Other In The Crotch, And All It Does Is Tickle! 04. Your Night In Shining Armor Only Likes You Because He Can't See Through His Helmet, And He Thinks You Are A Man...
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Lo-Fi; Noisecore; Anti Music; Trash Noise; Shitcore; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Plaid Colored
Downloads: 148
[audio][TFN281] Analnecrobeastiality - Gun Violence EP - Analnecrobeastiality
Artist: Analnecrobeastiality Album: Gun Violence EP Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN281 Style: Noisecore, Noise-grind, Grindcore, Experimental, Thrash, Noise Tracks: 01. Melt Your Face 02. In Handcuffs 03. You Shop At Wal Mart 04. Circulation Through Strangulation 05. For The Gypsys 06. Shotgun in your snatch 07. In case you haven't noticed I can scream NOTES: Original member: Tristan Anderson Guest member: Josh Bowler http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http:...
Keywords: Michigan; Noisecore; Noise-grind; Grindcore; Experimental; Thrash; Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Analnecrobeastiality
Downloads: 1,303
[audio][TFN287] Lithuanian Hazard - Nazi Loli Shitfest - Lithuanian Hazard
Artist: Lithuanian Hazard Album: Nazi Loli Shitfest Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN287 Style: Noise, Shitcore, Speedcore, Lolicore, Trash Noise, Crustified Pop Violence Tracks: 01. Gutting a three-year old and fucking her in the stomach 02. 卐 is so kawaii 03. Lift up your loli skirt 04. Bleed all over my shit-covered cock and eat it 05. Brutal scatfuck (sample from xROTTEN NOISEx) 06. Minimalism fucking sucks 07...
Keywords: Noise; Shitcore; Speedcore; Lolicore; Trash Noise; Crustified Pop Violence; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Lithuanian Hazard
Downloads: 2,213 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][TFN212] Club Sauce - FSP/FJC - Club Sauce
Artist: Club Sauce Album: FSP/FJC Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN212 Style: Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Dynamic Tracks: 01. FSP/FJC http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Club+Sauce http://myspace.com/duplicitousimages
Keywords: Noise; Power Electronics; Harsh Noise; Dynamic; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Club Sauce
Downloads: 560
[audio][yshad24] Noise Nazi - What Waits - Noise Nazi
www.myspace.com/noysenazee www.myspace.com/dyingliver Track 1 recorded May 2009. Track 2 recorded live May 2009. contact noise nazi - the_goregrind_god@hotmail.com Your Sister Has A Dick Records yshad24
Keywords: Ultraviolent Electronics; Noise; Power Electronics; netlabels; Your Sister Has A Dick; Noise Nazi
Downloads: 993
[audio][TFN096] GAAD - Shit Factory - GAAD
Artist: GAAD Album: Shit Factory CAT#: TFN096 Style: Darkambient, Noise, Power Electronics Tracks: 01. shit for breakfast 02. so shitty 03. shit for lunch 04. tea and shit 05. shoot for shit 06. shit for dinner http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://myspace.com/gfaaakdk http://last.fm/music/GAAD
Keywords: Darkambient; Power Electronics; Noise; Experimental Electronic Music; Harsh Ambient / Ambient Noise
Downloads: 705
[audio][TFN240] Lâl Kendim - Plagiary (Plunderphonic Blues) - Lal Kendim
Artist: Lâl Kendim Album: Plagiary (Plunderphonic Blues) Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN240 Style: Plunderphonics, Noise, Steampunk, Digital Noise, Blues, Experimental Electronics, Massive Sampling Tracks: 01. Plundering AJ 02. Plundering Jet 03. Plundering RedSK 04. Plundering Mikail Arslan http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Lâl+Kendim
Keywords: Plunderphonics; Noise; Steampunk; Digital Noise; Blues; Experimental Electronics; Massive Sampling; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Lal Kendim
Downloads: 822
[audio][TFN276] V.I.K.I. - ELLIPSIS - V.I.K.I.
Artist: V.I.K.I. Album: ELLIPSIS Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN276 Style: Noise, Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Tracks: 01. Lame Landing 02. The Escape http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/V.I.K.I./ http://myspace.com/vikistufx
Keywords: Noise; Harsh Noise; Power Electronics; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; V.I.K.I
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[audio][TFN118] MIXEDUPMESS - Mixedupmess - MIXEDUPMESS
Artist: MIXEDUPMESS Album: Mixedupmess Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN118 Style: Martial Ambient, Noise, Experimental Electronics, Power Electronics, Trash Noise Tracks: 1. Albino Rhino 2. Frog Faced Friend 3. If your from LA and u have shrooms for sell hit me up ASAP 4. TMZ showed me to turn off my TV thanks TMZ 5. U sold the bands drums 2 buy a car that broke down in a week haha loser! Goodluck getting bitches now! http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Mi...
Keywords: Martial Ambient; Noise; Experimental Electronics; Power Electronics; Trash Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; MIXEDUPMESS
Downloads: 1,198
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